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daikin error code c9

A questo punto iniziate a premere più volte, ripetutamente, il tasto CANCEL fino a quando udirete un suono, somigliante ad un “bip”. Codice EA: la macchina non riesce a commutare e non avviene il passaggio tra la modalità riscaldamento e modalità raffreddamento. U1 – Reverse phase – The three phase power supply has been reversed. J6 – Abnormal resistance of the outdoor heat exchanger thermistor – Either a faulty or short circuited outdoor heat exchanger thermistor, or the cable may be disconnected. Daikin RY100KUY1 Pdf User Manuals. The remote control Cancel button is used to pull the code from the unit. daikin air conditioner codes If you're looking for help fixing your daikin air conditioner, look no further! P1 – Open phase power voltage imbalance – This means there’s a three phase or open phase voltage imbalance. CJ – Abnormal remote controller thermistor resistance – The built in remote has encountered a fault. The password is 22 - Factory default. Our skilled technicians will deliver fast, friendly, and reliable … Stop operation, unplug the power cord or turn off the circuit breaker, and contact the place of purchase. Daikin air conditioning is considered the worlds premier air conditioning manufacture with outstanding quality and recognised by people all over the world. A5 – Overheating or freezing of indoor heat exchanger – This could be caused by a dirty air filter, a short circuit or trouble with the sensor in the heat exchange. Per le Daikin con telecomando ARC423A1, sull'indicatore della temperatura viene indicato il codice di errore corrispondente ( vedi manuale utente), premere contemporaneamente il tasto Mode e entrambi tasti Temperatura , sul Display compare la prima cifra lampeggiante, per individuare il codice di errore premere il tasto Temperatura fino a quando non invierà un segnale con 2 Beep. Eseguiamo la pulizia profonda e, su richiesta, la sanificazione certificata dei condizionatori. Utilizzati per avere le corrette funzionalità del sito. Bukan hanya ... Selengkapnya Get in touch with our friendly team today, 8 Papworth Business Park, Stirling Way,  Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, CB23 3GY. Daikin AC Fault Code, Inner detachment: A0 - General protective equipment is tripped A1 - Indoor circuit board is faulty A2 - fan motor is bl Daikin air conditioning is considered the worlds premier air conditioning manufacture with outstanding quality and recognised by people all over the world. J5 – Abnormal resistance of the suction pipe temperature thermistor – There could be a faulty suction pipe thermistor, the cable could be disconnected or your thermistor may have short circuited. Our comprehensive daikin air conditioner repair guide will explain common issues, provide troubleshooting tips, and show you how to read you The code display also cancels itself if the button is not pressed for 1 minute. To cancel the code display, hold on the ON TIMER CANCEL button or OFF TIMER CANCEL button down for 5 seconds. The HVAC system was very dated, and the furnace was likely the original. When the mode was reselected. LA c9 check total running hours of comp 1 cA check total running hours of comp 2 cC check total running hours of pump. A1 – Micro-computer in PCB is not working – this is a fault that occurs either in the assembly of the PCB or due to an external factor, such as noise. Au: Auto HP/E: Control setup indicator heat pump electric is … Sul display del telecomando vedrete stampato uno dei codici di errore Daikin tra quelli presenti nelle lista sottostante. I Riferimenti a Daikin sono da intendersi esclusivamente per scopi descrittivi dei servizi offerti. For Assistance: Call Our Customer Support: 768044407 / 011 7444044 To know more click here For Assistance: Call Our Customer Support: 768044407 / 011 7444044 To know more click here Codice E1: indica un guasto alla scheda elettronica. CE – Abnormal radiation thermistor resistance – A faulty thermistor, disconnected cable or a short circuiting of the thermistor could be the source of the issue. If you have a Daikin mini split that is not working the fault codes can be pulled using the remote control. A flashing green light often appears on Daikin unit when there is a problem.

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