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We will accept letter grades, P/F grades, S/U grades, withdraws, etc. I was contacted on the third week of February by Duke-NUS admissions so we could schedule an interview by the 28th. Duke is near the top of my list, so I was really excited and wanted to do well. There’s a ton of resources available online. Turns out my research did me no good...but it's still good to prepare. Hope this helped a little bit! Trinity College classes span the arts, humanities, natural sciences, and social sciences to encourage you to think deeply within disciplines and broadly across them, with … Despite its presence at Halloween parties and festivals today, however, its origins are New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. However, I have spoken to some current students at YNC and there are around 10 students in the pathway in the class of 2022 and class of 2023 combined. Born in Washington D.C. in 1899, Edward Kennedy Ellington, better known as “Duke,” began playing piano as a child. So, you can definitely major in a non-STEM area and still complete pre-requisites for med school. Note that there is a five-year service commitment required by the Ministry of Health, after graduating from the Duke-NUS MD program, especially crucial if you are not native to Singapore. 100% Upvoted. He is incredibly under appreciated. Admission to Yale-NUS College does not ensure admission to the pathway. It’s about to get warm all up in my jazz. Also Vanderbilt is known as just straight up southern, whereas Duke is a place everyone knows and respects all over the country. I decided I would start prepping first by going online and finding some resources on how to practice. 1 TYPICAL QUESTIONS FROM HIREVUE INTERVIEWS With thanks to the many Duke juniors and seniors who provided this feedback. Did you know that over 52% of students at Duke do not pay the full cost? It depends on which specialty you would like to apply for. This is terrific. I was not offered any scholarships or fin aid from YNC, so I’m pretty hesitant to take on this offer. He had a narrow face full of angles and planes, with a high-bridged nose that gave him the look of a hawk, and woodsmoke in his gray eyes. Philip, duke of Edinburgh, in full Prince Philip, duke of Edinburgh, earl of Merioneth and Baron Greenwich, also called Philip Mountbatten, original name Philip, prince of Greece and Denmark, (born June 10, 1921, Corfu, Greece), husband of Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. I was confused as to how exactly to go about appealing financial aid, but all you have to do is send an email to the admissions & fin aid department and provide supporting documentation if you think it would help your case. By applying Early Decision, students indicate that Duke is their first choice, and commit to enroll at the university if admitted. In addition to requiring proof of identity, Reddit lists more rules and guidelines for getting an AMA going and keeping it on topic. Okayyy I think that is it! The charity works with LOs across the UK to increase opportunities for young people to gain the benefits of doing their DofE. Is there an opportunity to apply for scholarships to Duke-NUS closer to when we actually join the school? Cornell University is a mecca for research on Southeast Asia. To show you EnergyWise Home, we need to know your location. What are the odds of me being able to do that while managing school commitments? (I am unsure if Round 1 pathway applicants are deferred for consideration in Round 2.). I had a few questions and was wondering if you knew anything about them ><. When you apply for consideration into the pathway, you are submitting an application to Yale-NUS College (round 1 or round 2). How many students are shortlisted for an interview with Duke-NUS? Biomedical imaging and instrumentation 2. Beyond athletics, Duke is also known for its outstanding academic reputation. From the Duke-NUS website, the following criteria are considered by their department: Academic excellence and motivation to study in the field of medicine, Records of leadership experience and community service, For some context, here is what the YNC website says: "Completed applications will be reviewed by both Yale-NUS and Duke-NUS. In addition to living together on East Campus, you will join other first-year students for a writing and a seminar course to build critical thinking and communications skills needed throughout your undergraduate career. I was recently admitted and wanted to put together some things that I wish I would have known a few months back, for anyone applying to this program in the future! Every Duke undergraduate student takes classes in Trinity College—it serves as Duke’s liberal arts core. Frustrated by what they saw as Duke's boundless ego, his well-known womanizing, and repeated accusations that he was embezzling Klan funds, several high-level resignations crippled the organization in the late 1970s. 2- What is the minimum MCAT score to pass the requirements? That’s when I found Randy Haldeman on Quora. Duke lost to Stephen F. Austin at Cameron Indoor Stadium. Duke will accept online courses for semesters during COVID-19. Good luck with everything! Examples include Dermatology and Cardiology. It can take 7 or even 8 years to become an accredited specialist. I ever shadowed a surgeon once and some of the surgical specialties (in NUH at least), only accept less than 3 people a year. A select number of students will be invited for separate interviews with Yale-NUS and Duke-NUS. Log in or sign up to leave a comment log in sign up. ), I wanted to know specifically what Duke would ask me that other school wouldn’t. Prospective students and others curious about our community of learning: feel free to discuss here as well!

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