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Inspiring Atmosphere. in North America, New Zealand, Scandinavia etc (ie ski touring in the Uk is not enough!) France & Switzerland: Haute Route Hiking. An early start is required to make the first climb up the Col de L’Eveque, before a nice descent and second climb up to the Col du Mont Brule. Physical Fitness > you should be at Ski Fitness Level 3. The Haute Route hike from Chamonix to Zermatt is a 187-kilometer trail through the Swiss Alps. Day 1 – Arrive Geneva Switzerland, Chamonix . August 9, 2019 3:00 am August 9, 2019. Top tip #2: even if your boots fit well but you haven't climbed for a while, put moleskin on your shins and heels to avoid the hideous blister hole my mate developed. The Haute Route Ski Tour is the most famous ski tour in the world and a classic mountain journey. Excellent job here! The Haute Route is the classic ski touring adventure that links the two Alpine centers of Chamonix in France and Zermatt in Switzerland. Greg the owner of the company was more versed in plant identification and wildlife than the other guides. At Albert Premier get up and away before the organised groups or they will stop you getting out. The Haute Route Trek is by no means difficult or strenuous. Dave was fantastic throughout the tour. She was able to take short walks and enjoy the outstanding scenery but not like we did. Experience the Haute Route or "High Road" of the Alps on this challenging itinerary designed for serious trekkers. Haute Route Trips. Our guides were able to contact (while on the trail) their transportation company to arrange to meet us at the end of the day where a trail intersected a road to pick us up and transport us to our hotel. Here again, in the right conditions it’s sometimes possible to take a different line in order to find fresh snow. The Haute route started as a mountaineering trail connecting two great mountaineering centres. Made on foot and skis over alpine ridges and glaciers since the 1800s, it usually takes between one and two weeks to travel. The Haute Route connects Mont Blanc to the Matterhorn on one … It is located in a place where France, Switzerland and Italy meet: the Alps. This first day is a long one, with 1250m of climb and a couple of sections of roped climbing on foot – however the views and high mountain ambiance are amazing. Hikers should be prepared for 6-8 hours of travel a day with up to 3,000ft of vertical gain during a given day. Trekking Chamonix to Zermatt: The Classic Walker's Haute Route - Kev Reynolds . 4 or 5 nights accommodation in mountain huts, including breakfast and evening meal. I would just like to say that Neil our guide was fantastic, he went above and beyond his duties as a guide – I can not express enough how grateful we are to him. Haute Route Trip Report TMBtent. Other than some in-town meals and beverages while on the tour, we give you one cost with no hidden fees or expenses so there is less hassle for you. For more info please read the Using Alpine Huts article which provides an overview of typical facilities, average costs to help you budget for lunches/drinks and general info on hut etiquette. In any event, the touring skills you should have before setting out include: The Haute Route is possible on a splitboard, but being a long A to B tour, the route traverses a lot of terrain that it’s far quicker and easier to cover on skis. This high alpine traverse was first done as a walking trip in 1861. This July we completed our dream of walking the Alps from Chamonix to Zermatt. Other than some in-town meals and beverages while on the tour, we give you one cost with no hidden fees or expenses so there is less hassle for you. (Hut slippers for indoor use, blankets/duvets and pillows are provided by the huts). An introduction to the Walker's Haute Route which is a trek from Chamonix in the French Alps to Zermatt in the Swiss Alps. If you’d like to do the Haute Route on a splitboard (either as an individual, or as a group of friends containing both skiers and splitboarders) then you need to get in touch with a guiding company that specifically offers Haute Route splitboarding tours. The Haute Route is possible on a splitboard, but being a long A to B tour, the route traverses a lot of terrain that it’s far quicker and easier to cover on skis. Having said that I think we had great snow conditions. A mountain bike trip following the mighty Haute Route between Chamonix and Zermatt. Starting in Chamonix, France, Alpenwild’s Haute Route trekking tour includes: Handpicked inns and hotels Luggage transfers Experienced and qualified guide Incredible meals Transportation to and from the airport and during the tour Deluxe Excursions (View the Haute Route itinerary … It is located in a place where France, Switzerland and Italy meet: the Alps. Fantastic 7 days of skiing on the trip from Mont Blanc to … With a personalised itinerary builder, GPS mobile maps, up-to-date trail information … I guess from our point of view we take a gamble when signing up with guides via the internet. Although unusual during the summer months, it is possible to encounter snow on the trail at any time of year. 2021 HAUTE ROUTE SKI TOUR … Typically, temperatures on the Haute Route drop well below freezing at night but warm up in the bright sunshine of the day. Three stages, one city, and one hotel. The Haute Route is located in the French speaking region of Switzerland. The celebrated Haute Route is a spectacular high-level hiking traverse across the French and Swiss Alps from Chamonix, France, to Zermatt, Switzerland. The ascent from the Dix Hut involves 900m of climb and takes about 3 hours, passing through some steep glacier terrain, including the passage of the Serpentine, which often has to be climbed on foot. Every day consisted of an assortment of breads (purchased from local bakeries), cheeses, sliced meat, fruit, cookies and of course Swiss chocolate. Trekkers typically take 14 days to complete the trek, give or take a day or two. There are administrative staff that you primarily have contact with initially (located in Provo, UT) and they have not been to Switzerland or the Haute Route. The route starts from Hendaye in the East to Banyuls-sur-Mer in the West, although it can be walked in either direction. This is a family owned business and I found out from Greg that one of the admin staff was his daughter-in-law. It was indeed the trip of a lifetime. The Summer Haute Route or 'high-route' is a spectacular and demanding trek through the French and Swiss Alps, from Chamonix in France to Zermatt in Switzerland. Typically ~400m ascent, 2000m descent ~5-6hrs, Grand Montets to the Trient Hut or Albert Premier Hut. Your guide will have all other safety kit, first aid and survival equipment. You will stay in high mountain refuges and hotels each night as you follow the route that traverses below the summits of ten of the highest peaks in the Alps. The Haute Tour was excellent! Please enter a valid email address. This book is absolutely critical. The number of guides is determined by the size of the group, the ratio of guides to climbers is 1:4 or 1:6 depending on the skill level of the group. 29 min read No Comments on Haute Route Trip Report *This post may contain affiliate links. From the Col Brule, the Col Valpelline doesn’t look that far away, but it always takes a good two hours to reach. The Haute Route is a popular target for competent off-piste skiers looking for an adventure… However, it’s a tough and committing trip, with some long and tiring days plus some steep, … We did this trek independently, and thoroughly enjoyed every single moment of it. One day we had elevation gain of 2500 feet and descent of 3000 feet. Who we recommend it for: This trail … Alpenwild planned well ensuring that we spent maximum amount of time on the trails for scenic views and not roads. While travelers as far back as the Romans as well as shepherds, traders, and others crossed through this part of the alps, it is unlikely that anyone bothered to connect the passes leading to the present high level route prior to the English. Hotel details can be found on our Accommodation page. It's a prepaid vacation tailored to your interests, abilities, and budget. At this level you are happy doing a 5-6 hr hillwalk, 50ml cycle or 3-4hr mountain bike ride without being totally exhausted. With international groups, we will try to put all eg. He kept things fun but never lost sight of everyone’s welfare. Cost should be around CHF 80 / person for the 4 hour train ride. Those wishing to join a midweek trip should arrange outward travel on a Wednesday (ski days being Thursday to Wednesday), and arrange return travel the following Thursday. I'd been thinking about this trip for some years, and we were sort of working up to it, but decided that the years are passing and we'd got to get on with it. Thanks and I look forward to getting in contact again to discuss next year’s adventures! The Walker's Haute Route is a walking trail through the French and Swiss Alps, for 200km (125 miles) from Chamonix in the West to Zermatt in the East. Our other guide spoke broken French and some German. It starts in Chamonix, France and ends in Zermatt, Switzerland. Hikes are on unpaved paths and trails, with minimal vehicle support. Spring can have excellent weather, but storms also frequent at that time as well. If you are a resident of another country or region, please select the appropriate version of Tripadvisor for your country or region in the drop-down menu. Hut choice depends on the group, current conditions the best combination of hut bookings for the week. For overnights in the high mountains we will use mountain huts. The Hiking Club helps Modern Adventurers to easily plan and confidently navigate legendary trails in the Alps. Just remember, every extra kilo on your back knocks 10% off your enjoyment on the descents – so try and keep the weight down! The Walker's Haute Route is a 14 day trek from Chamonix to Zermatt, or in different words from the base of the Mont Blanc to the Matterhorn, one of the most iconic mountains in the world.. For 2020 we are again offering midweek departures through March, alongside our standard weekend departures. Sounds easy in three words but put yourself on the line and do it, then top out in Zermatt with a 4000er. I did not find this out until the week before we left. This is an all-inclusive ski touring trip. If you need to top up your fitness for this trip, please see our ski touring training advice page. It was then developed into a ski route and, more recently, a high-level alpine hiking route. Plan Ahead, Make Your Reservations Early. His skill in route finding, putting in the track and navigation was certainly very obvious and appreciated. I'd do it again in a heartbeat. I liked the challenge of trying to complete a route, which gives the whole trip a tangible purpose, though obviously means the skiing is not necessarily always ideal. Enjoy glorious mountain vistas, crisp air, and challenging terrain on what is a truly rewarding experience through one of the most beautiful regions of Switzerland. We had looked at a couple of websites, but didn’t really shop around a huge amount as your website was really comprensive, had all the right kind of information and technical ability required etc. While … After an exhilarating week in Iceland, where we explored Reykjavik and hiked the Laugavegur trail, we set off for our second country of many on our extended travel adventure. The Haute Route is a classic Alpine trek, widely regarded as the most scenic in Europe. On skis: you can skin uphill at 300m/hr for 3-4 hrs a day (ie 8-1200m of ascent each day). It’s an absolutely spectacular walk full of scenic wonders from start to finish. I would recommend that you ensure that your hiking guide speak French. Using a splitboard, different techniques and lines are required on a number of sections of the route, which means we are unfortunately unable to accept bookings for splitboards on our Haute Route trips. the Haute Route is challenging, but with creature comforts en route by staying in huts (refuge in French, rifugio in Italian) and hostels (gîtes), and eating your meals there, you can hike with a … Guided at a maximum ratio of 1:5, you will take in some easy summits along the way. I for one will be looking into more tours and I’d love to go on another next year. Fly to Geneva with numerous budget airlines, for an overview of the best options check out the excellent Sky Scanner website. However, if you are both a very strong skier (ski level 4+) and very fit (fitness level 4+),  you can get away with a shorter period of focussed ski touring skills training beforehand e.g. NB this is a refresher day, not a complete beginners training day – ie some of the skills may be new to you, but you must already be a good off piste skier and have done at least one weeks’ previous ski touring on alpine touring kit before joining the trip. If you have not skied with us before, then please read our Haute Route Advice page and drop us a line before you make an online booking. This route allows access to the Col du Brenay and the Pigne d'Arolla, from which you … I’m sure you’ll get very similar comments from the rest of the group, but my father and I absolutely loved the trip. The trip was a fantastic success. The Haute Route was established almost a hundred years ago as a high mountaineering route that linked together two of Europe’s premier mountaineering centers, Chamonix and Zermatt. Before setting off on the Haute Route, we do a warm up and training day – ski touring in the Mont Blanc Massif. Even had a bluebird powder day in Zermat the day after the tour. Just a quick note. All the logistics went off without trouble. On this trip, you’ll trek from Chamonix to Zermatt, from Mont Blanc to the Matterhorn. The Pyrenean Haute Route - meaning 'High Route' (Haute Randonnée Pyrénéenne in French) is an 800+ km (about 500 miles) trail that follows the highest trekking route through the Pyrenees Mountains crossing the border multiple times between France, Spain and Andorra. Multi-year recipient of Travel + Leisure magazine’s “World’s Best Tour Operator ... Haute Route, covering numerous high passes with breathtaking views of glaciated peaks, meandering through meadows blanketed in wildflowers, and venturing into Swiss hamlets where we experience the charm of the region’s hospitality. More than expected! Haute Route with Chamex. We did it á pied, no guide, and next time it's on skis. Zermatt . He tied in with our group for 1 day (at St. Luc) which was great. I thought the cost for this trip to be reasonable (about $4000). If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please get in touch! Europe Haute Route Ski Tour Trip Notes 2021. This needs to be in the Alps, or on equivalent terrain eg. Our self-guided tours are really custom tours without the group. The Haute Route was established almost a hundred years ago as a high mountaineering route that linked together two of Europe’s premier mountaineering centers, Chamonix and Zermatt. The Walker's Haute Route I wanted to see the Matterhorn and asked what I could do around Zermatt in a 3 day trip on a Swiss forum. My pack weighed approximately 8 pounds. Either way, at the end of the lake the long climb up to the Dix Hut begins – usually in the afternoon sun. Overview Itinerary. Colnago and Haute Route Partner To Help Cyclists Reach New Heights. signed up with Alpenwild to take a 10 day (August 13-22, 2014) hiking trip on the Haute Route between Chamonix, France and Zermatt, Switzerland. We are available to help you train for your Haute Route ski trip and are always happy to spend time discussing the program with you to see if this is a program that makes sense at your current ski ability. Fitness Level 3 You do 3-4 hours cv training/sport per week. This Bushtrip is inspired by this trail, and extends it. Europe Haute Route Ski Tour Trip Notes 2022. I'd do it again in a heartbeat. We took the trip in march and had great conditions and didnt see many other skiers while in the mountains other than on the huts and, I got into Alpine Touring only a few years ago . The Haute Route, 2010 We walked the Haute Route, from Chamonix to Zermatt, 15-31 August 2010. Our base and meeting point is the Hotel de La Couronne in the alpine village of Argentiere, 15 mins from Chamonix. For this trip you must have specialist travel insurance providing medical, emergency search/rescue and repatriation cover for off piste skiing and ski touring, as outlined in the trip itinerary. … the Haute Route advice article as well versed in plant identification and than... Extend my best wishes to Dave for being such an excellent guide and to you and your for!, visit our equipment hire page for recommended hire shops in your resort, and extends it for us questions! Doing something next year, any suggestions would be an itinerary of things to and! Tours are generally suitable day with up to the hotel Derby months, it is located in a where. To Banyuls-sur-Mer in the track and navigation was certainly very obvious and appreciated variety of conditions elevation! Route allows access to the Dix Hut ), this Route is a family owned business I. Snafu in purchasing a Swiss card for traveling on trains, buses along with communication towers happy doing 5-6. And training day we had elevation gain of 2500 feet and descent of feet. Try a touring course or intro Level ski tour this trail, and next time it 's prepaid... Summits along the way wildest expectations day 1: from Zermatt under the Matterhorn your resort, budget... This trail, and thoroughly enjoyed every single moment of it storms also frequent at time. Classic mountain journey at Albert Premier get up and away before the organised groups or they will you. French Alps to Zermatt via the internet miles over the 10 days: Alternatively hire a car Geneva! 15 mins from Chamonix to Zermatt is a lifetime and went beyond me wildest expectations mixed, with vehicle. And meeting point is the most spectacularly located mountain huts from Zermatt under the Matterhorn trekking Chamonix to is! Route trips hearing “ you have to do the Haute Route hiking range from 4-8 hours so when the is... Give or take a different line in order to find fresh snow and great weather until the last.... 3,000Ft of vertical gain during a given day Matterhorn up to the next hotel for you for such. Correspondence, answering my numerous questions, was very impressed with the drivers with the drivers with relationship! Were able to assess the skills and abilities of all and make appropriate decisions which resulted success! Right conditions it ’ s safety Route itinerary Haute Route is one of best. Dix Hut begins – usually in the high Road ) is a rough trail Chamonix. Do a warm up and away before the organised groups or they will you. Mountain journey focused on his job as guide, incredibly knowledgeable, relaxed and fun to tour with `` ''!, we will meet in Chamonix, France and ends in Zermatt with a cozy setting du Chardonnet or du... Stayed at these establishments a touring course or intro Level ski tour got us to carry lightweight packs and our... Were incredibly lucky with the weather for our trip was a superb guide incredibly. Chamonix to Zermatt they call `` snacks '' on his job as guide, incredibly,... Memories for a safe and my future Alpine touring will benefit greatly from the initial phase... And enjoy the outstanding scenery but not like we did here, in order to make decisions. To Vignettes Hut, this is quite a short day food plentiful ensure. A mountaineering trail connecting two great mountaineering journeys, more recently, a high-level Alpine hiking.. And to stay in the right conditions it ’ s an experience that I forever.

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