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compare alternate interior angle pairs and consecutive interior angle pairs

Match. 24 june learn about alternate corresponding and co interior angles and solve angle problems when working with parallel and intersecting lines. Q. If two lines in a plane are cut by a transversal so that any pair … Consecutive Interior Angles … Terms in … Similarly, c and f are also alternate interior angles. 4 and 10 Alternate interior 4. vertical angles are congruent. This is why they are called "consecutive". a line that intersects two or more coplanar line. Angle 1 = 27 o Find the measure of angle 2. answer choices . Parallel Lines. Co interior angles on parallel lines co interior or c angles add up to 180. 1 and 11 Alternate exterior From the figure above: 7. Example. Flashcards. Identify each pair of angles as alternate interior, alternate exterior, corresponding, or consecutive interior angles. 7 and 14 cosecutive interior 6. alternate interior alternate exterior corresponding consecutive interior angles, consecutive interior angles vs alternate interior angles, Interior Angles On The Same Side Of A Transversal. alternate interior angles - one pair. Tags: Question 6 . o ∠࠵? Name all pairs of consecutive interior angles. Corresponding Angle pairs (congruent angles):

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