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1838 mormon war vigilantes crossword

Hinkle and Murdock refused, citing their right as American citizens to settle where they pleased. Nathan Tanner reported that his militia company rescued another woman and three small children who were hiding in the bushes as their home burned. However, Reynolds was unable to capture Rockwell. At that time, opponents of the Mormons used a pattern that would be repeated four times,[12] culminating in the expulsion of the Mormons from the entire state. He's still alive, ain't he? [63] (affidavit). Wikipedia definition [as of Jan 25, 2011]: The Danites were a fraternal organization founded by Latter Day Saint members in June 1838, in the town of Far West in Caldwell County, Missouri. Nearly every one was burned. During the conflict 22 people were killed (3 Mormons and 1 non-Mormon at Crooked River,[2] one Mormon prisoner fatally injured while in custody,[3] and 17 Mormons at Haun’s Mill). Although he had refrained from stopping the illegal anti-Mormon siege of De Witt, he now mustered 2,500 State Militia to put down the Mormon insurrection against the state. The presidency responded by urging the dissenters to leave the county, using strong words that the dissenters interpreted as threats. To William Wines Phelps, a fellow Latter Day Saint and witness to the events, Hinkle wrote: "When the facts were laid before Joseph, did he not say, 'I will go'; and did not the others go with him, and that, too, voluntarily, so far as you and I were concerned? [67][68], Fearing attack, many citizens of Ray County moved their wives and children across the Missouri River for safety. This conflict is also sometimes referred to as the Missouri Mormon War to differentiate it from the Utah Mormon War (also known as the "Utah War") and the lesser known Illinois Mormon War. [66] On October 24, they swore out affidavits concerning the burning and looting in Daviess County. Samuel Bogart (2 April 1797 – 11 March 1861) was an itinerant Methodist minister and militia captain from Ray County, Missouri who played a prominent role in the 1838 Missouri Mormon War before later moving to Collin County, Texas, where he became a Texas Ranger and a member of the Texas State Legislature. The conflict continued until early November, when the outnumbered Mormons surrendered and agreed to leave the state. In this major new interpretation of those events, LeSueur argues that while a number of prejudices and fears stimulated … The Livingston men became thoroughly imbued with the same spirit, and were eager for the raid ... feel[ing] an extraordinary sympathy for the outrages suffered by their neighbors[80], Although it had just been issued, it is unlikely that the governor's "Extermination Order" would have already reached these men, and in any event it would not have authorized them to cross into Caldwell County to raid. At the same time, a leadership struggle between the church presidency and Missouri leaders led to the excommunication of several high-placed Mormon leaders, including Oliver Cowdery (one of the Three Witnesses and the church's original "second elder"), David Whitmer (another of the Three Witnesses and Stake President of the Missouri Church), as well as John Whitmer, Hiram Page, William Wines Phelps and others.I[23] These "dissenters", as they came to be called, owned a significant amount of land in Caldwell County, much of which was purchased when they were acting as agents for the church. [74], While the State Militia gathered, Missouri unorganized Militia continued to act on their own, driving Mormons inward to Far West and Adam-ondi-Ahman. Black refused, but after meeting with Smith, he wrote and signed a document stating that he "is not attached to any mob, nor will attach himself to any such people, and so long as they [the Mormons] will not molest me, I will not molest them. [24] Possession became unclear and the dissenters threatened the church with lawsuits. The orders of the governor to me were, that you should be exterminated, and not allowed to remain in the state, and had your leaders not been given up, and the terms of the treaty complied with, before this, you and your families would have been destroyed and your houses in ashes."[96]. LDS Living. [26][28][29], On July 4, Rigdon gave an oration, which was characterized by Mormon historian Brigham Henry Roberts as a "'Declaration of Independence' from all mobs and persecutions". The exact circumstances that allowed for him to escape are not certain. Joseph Smith, returning to Far West from De Witt, was informed by General Doniphan of the deteriorating situation. [11], Mormon petitions and lawsuits failed to bring any satisfaction: the non-Mormons in Jackson refused to allow the Mormons to return and reimbursement for confiscated and damaged property was refused. Later that day, the Carroll County forces sealed off the town. The oft-repeated LDS claim that there was a time when it was legal for folks to kill a Mormon in Missouri finds its roots in the 1838 Mormon War in Missouri. McBrier's house was among those burned. [1] Clark to Boggs, 29 Nov. 1838, Mormon War Papers, Missouri State Archives. [13][42], Sentiment among the anti-Mormon segment of Carroll County's population hardened, and some began to take up arms. But if there is a particular year that ought to be understood for a better comprehension of Mormonism, the year would have to be 1838. Possibly playing on Rigdon's July 4 sermon that talked of a "war of extermination," Boggs issued Missouri Executive Order 44, also known as the "Extermination Order," which stated that "the Mormons must be treated as enemies, and must be exterminated or driven from the State if necessary for the public peace..."[71] The Extermination Order was finally rescinded on June 25, 1976 by Governor Christopher Samuel "Kit" Bond.[72][73]. Judge Josiah Morin and Samuel McBrier, both considered friendly to the Mormons, both fled Daviess County after being threatened.

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