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Tim King says: December 19, 2008 at 9:31 pm Good to hear you’re back in the saddle…or the giraffe, I suppose. Share - Bear's Den Signature Short Sleeve Tee - Jack Gartside (Medium) Bear's Den Signature Short Sleeve Tee - Jack Gartside (Medium) $7.99 + $5.53 Shipping. I met Jack Gartside for the first time at what was the Centrum in Worcester around 20 years ago. This has been my go to fly went I need to cast a surface fly a long way in windy conditions. As I attempted to learn more about the finer points of fly tying I thought perhaps a fly fishing show would help. It is also illegal to fish from the back of a giraffe. Idaho It is illegal to fish from the back of a camel. He prefers the giraffe float to your flamingo version. ... — but from an inflatable giraffe that Jack named Gerald. YouTube the owner's permission. The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly. (Not to be confused with Idaho’s law). property of JackGartside.com (excluding certain images reproduced from the Jack Gartside's blog: a place for tales, tips, and other random musings. Ill kick this one of with a few pictures. For a person that just got through a session of chemo, he had quite a bit of energy. A Boston "cabbie" and purveyor of his own fly tying materials by walking the road sides around Boston. Neat, I didn't know that. Depending on how it’s tied, it can be a popper or slider. Choose the plan that’s right for you. The Fly Fishing Hall of Fame was established in 1984 to recognize individuals who have made a significant contribution to the sport of fly fishing in the past and provide a lasting impression for all fly fishers. Oct 31, 2014 - Ocean kayak: $3000, Fishing equipped float tube: $400, Actually catching fish in a perfectly fine inflatable giraffe: Priceless. Okay. Beastmaster & Signature on the front pocket and color Jack Giraffe photo on … Did anyone tell this kid to watch the John Skinner bucktail videos yet? Pattern recipes, blog, photo gallery and more. Jack began talking to me like we had been friends for years This was carved out of foam to look like Jack's Giraffe float tube and attached to a hook. He led the fishing life that we would all dream of if we had his courage and dedication. Bear's Den Signature Short Sleeve Tee - Jack Gartside Color Short Sleeve T-Shirts are made of pre-shrunk 100% cotton. Materials. Call it a refresher course. I don't think any of the remaining things will be as valuable as, say, a rod owned by Theodore Gordon or a streamer tied by Carrie Stevens, but they are a little piece of fly-fishing history, and I hope the hat is the one Gartside wore on the now infamous photo of Jack fishing from an inflatable giraffe pool toy that graced the cover of Saltwater Fly Fishing magazine. He tied abunch of really cool flies for saltwater fishing. That old guy is a fly fishing legend in our area, Jack Gartside. Those of you who are new to PikeFFArticles Might not have read about my quest for the ultimate float tube .Well Here's Jack Gartside with his inflatable giraffe Gerald, that would make a fine addition to the ever growing collection. It wasn’t a fashion statement, Jack was recovering from his first bout with lung cancer. Jack hitchhiked around the island for the next month fly fishing for trout everywhere he could. What a fascinating man. I began thinking about him while tying a few Gartside Gurglers this past week in preparation for the up coming season. Gartside, who's been known to fly-fish from the back of an inflatable giraffe, prefers the shallows of the 30-odd islands that dot the harbor. It’s beat from all the times I’ve read it. His response was something to the effect "If you try it, you will figure it out." Illinois It is unlawful to go fishing if you are sitting on the neck of a giraffe. Jack Gartside died of lung cancer on December 5, 2009. Before we began taping, he told me the cancer treatment had worked out well. The Ringneck Pheasant: the Flytyer's Friend. He teaches beginners and reminds seasoned anglers how to fish for stripers with a fly rod.

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