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is hu yi tian married

How could Huace paid the girl to keep quite, since Hu Yi Tian left the agency already? Yitian apparently has been involved with this woman for a year, and even cheated on his girlfriend. I believe the reason why she speak and clear his name, because she feels sorry already, she regret for what she had done. Why Love and Redemption's Tortured Hero is Like Ashes of Love, YouTube Video VVV0SFF4REgtQmFtQXEzdk9BUVl3QzhBLkNDMDJmUWZ5YlVr, Tribes and Empires comes full circle to air on Hunan TV, Li Chen reveals the mystery singer for the movie Sky Hunter, Dilraba Dilmurat and Deng Lun confirm for the modern-day romance Sweet Dreams, Hu Yitian’s Scandal Update. anyway, it is not for me to judge. Some might think the girl was paid but the general public probably will just forget about the scandal sooner or later. Yitian Hu is an actor, known for Go Go Squid! boy's got game. F. Y. I you seem not very updated about Hu Yi Tian. he may of been gone for a bit, but she redacted that in march and he's already starring in like three dramas right now. Both were announced today as the leads for the …, Today feels like a very unusual day for c-ent with the. She finally ends with an apology for being too terrible and for simply wanting to gain attention. He work hard to help his parents, to help his big charity in China, for nature, disaster, he also help the children in Mongolia, he gave them a better education. It has been almost a year since then, but the woman has brought up the issue once more, this time in support of Hu Yitian. This story is inspired from the hit C-drama 'A Love So Beautiful' some parts of the story are taken from the series at some are wo... A love so beautiful: Facts about Shen Yue an... 5 Facts about out stars Xiao Xi/Shen Yue and Jiang Chen/Hu Yitian, I hope you'll enjoy, this is my first time.. to write in wattpad # A Love So Beautiful. It's natural anybody would find it hard to believe him when there are audio tapes and CCTV hello? But yeah it was on audio, he can't deny that. So because of this, I don't really believe on Be Yebie's statement last year…. https://www.globalgranary.life/2018/01/09/hu-yi-tian-chinese-actor To the point of saying he has great personality and moral standard, is she even at least his acquaintance? We heard the conversation on the mobile. For people who think that Hu Yi Tian sounded like the recording, just listen to the recording and then watch a video of him actually talking. And like others have said rookies that are better at acting are everywhere. You know girl, if you really believe the fake scandal issue. Too late to fix his reputation, the damage is already done. There are 16 languages are available on this video. He should be crawling in Shen Yue's feet because she carried it. Hit the HD button! To deny it now will certainly be laughable for many. He has starred in a few drama but they are not being aired. I just finished one of his latest drama. Asian dramas are full of character archetypes from the naive female lead to the evil mother and rich and arrogant hero. Before you bash someone who are just a victim do some real investigation first, don't just rely in social media. -Songs Yes, there is some evidence that it really was him, but there's also evidence that proves otherwise. so I have been reading all of your guys comments and it seems accurate. All the fans who think that is true like the other fan said "who are you to blame" you can't just put out your own opinion if you don't even really know what happened or where he was at the time of the accusation and yeah people can just get a good editor to make it look like Hu Yi Tian i really hate fake people if you are his fan stick to him and not say your not his fan anymore because a false accusation because that is just fake and not a real fan you guys are lucky that he loves his fans and even stops to talk to you guys and you just go there and start talking like you know anything are Hu Yi Tian how would you guys feel if you were him and all his fans just started accusing him for something he didn't do so next time if another scandal gets out just don't judge by the name of the topic actually hear the persons side before you start criticising anyone ok- to all dear fans be careful of what you say GOT IT!! Well most artists probably dislike their fans and find some of their co-stars non-attractive.But they know how to keep quiet about it.He should learn from them. I am expert in video editing and audio editing,and I must confirmed that the guy in the video and audio where Shen Yue was dissed, is not him. His Biography, Height, Girlfriend – Kpop Wiki, Zhang Heng Debunks Fraud Rumours, Inadvertently …, Rebel Princess Author Supports Decision to …, Patrick Shih’s Cryptic Post on Instagram …. Hu Yitian (Chinese: 胡一天; pinyin: Hú Yītiān; born December 26, 1993) is a Chinese actor.He made his acting debut in the television drama A Rush to Dead Summer (2017), and subsequently starred in the 2017 hit web series A Love So Beautiful which brought him … He may have the looks but his acting is not really good.As far I know all his new Dramas are still in post-production. Comment 1 and 1a are only betting. There is no way that I am ever gonna believe that shit she spoke .Hu yitian is a very good person. His action is really natural and he has screen presence. Siap berperan dalam drama Unrequited Love, yuk intip sembilan potret menawan Hu Yi Tian di bawah ini. Yes, there may be a audio recording but people tend to fake everything these days. All the clips are behind the scenes of A Love So Beautiful. Also, Gao Zhiting, the second male lead, was thousand times better too and no wonder – he's the Beijing acting academy laureate whereas Hu Yi Tian used to be a cheap model for women's underwear company and man.. those pictures looked like straight from AV lmao, Yeah I want to know too.lolz this is such a joke…. The scandal must have affected him more than we thought. We don't know if any of this is true or not, so some of ya'll shouldn't just assume things. On March 21, 2019, Bei Yebei used her old weibo handle Yinhe Beibei (, ) to retract her statements against Hu Yitian. Even if he really did those things, everyone makes mistakes, so I don't think destroying his reputation is the right way for him to learn from it. Even if he wears mask to disguise, he still stop and face his fans who spot him. Baru berulang tahun yang ke-27, Hu Yi Tian lahir pada 26 Desember 1993. who claimed to be the person in the video came forward later on and meted. Anonymous. Just one click and the most realistic and beautiful wallpapers will appear on screen of your mobile device. Hu Yi Tian has very unique taste in women. After all the fuss about the drama airing and then not airing on Hunan TV, Tribes and Empires: Storm of Prophecy which …, Li Chen who directed and starred in Sky Hunter opposite Fan Bing Bing has been actively promoting their upcoming movie on …, Whoever it was that came up with the idea, thank you! If you know something that they paid the girl, then show some proof. He got 11 million supporters. Hu’s height helped kick start his career as a model and his success paved the way for his foray into acting recently. She got instigated and swayed by the biases of some people (who were not her friends) when she had gotten mad. Only his dumb fans seem to do so. Mainland actor Hu Yitian (胡一天) was caught on camera hooking up with Internet personality, Bei Ye Bei (邶也邶), inside a Hengdian hotel room last week. Let's have a look at his childhood, family, personal life, career, etc. But it angers me to see everyone fighting over no proof!! Hu Yi Tian Profile and Facts Hu Yi Tian (胡一天), is a Chinese actor who made his acting debut during 2017 with his role in “A Rush to Dead Summer”. His acting is so… bland. Any way, try to watch Go Go Squid than wasting your efforts to bash him. Yi Tian would send her selfies of him acting like he was heartbroken from that comment. He stop and talk to them. He was a guest in one of China's top Chinese New Year program in 2018. Your disrespectful comments towards Hu YiTian make you no different from the person in the recording. Hope we will see more of him. With regards to Hu Yitian, she said that he never said anything bad about another artist and never said that his fans were annoying. She would comment back by saying that his mole on the nose was distracting her during the acting and that she would like to scrape that thing off. The audio tapes and cctv proves otherwise. Ha participado en sesiones fotográficas para "ELLE China", [5] entre otros. He trusted his fans a lot. She must be really close to him. But by 2019, trances of him have disappeared. @小妹, The female in the photo does look very plastic. I love Gao Zhiting in the drama. Meski sempat diundur penayangannya, drama yang menggaet Hu Yi Tian dan Hu Bing Qing ini disambut antusias setelah dikonfirmasi tayang pada 20 Januari mendatang. In my opinion he is a really good actor and I don't judge him of what happened last year because we all make mistakes at some point even though some mistakes can really change our lives, but still I'll keep sporting him the past is in the past and he should have already learned from his mistakes and start fresh. He find ways to be happy always by working so hard and make himself stays strong. @1.c wow, we got a passionate and deranged fan over here. "Hu Yitian, you're very good at Math but fails in English." ⇜written in tagalog-english⇝ Loved it. How much do you want to bet that Huace (his agency) paid the girlie to write that shit now that his dramas are about to come out? He find ways to be happy always by working so hard and make himself stays strong. Her chin, eyes, fillers, lips have works done on them. For sure you didn't know and you never care, because for you bashing a celebrity is good! Many stupid fans are too crazy these days, they support their idol in anything. Stage Name: Hu Yi Tian (胡 一天) Birth Name: Hu Yi Tian (胡 一天) Birthday: 26 December 1993 Zodiac Sign: Capricorn Chinese Zodiac Sign: Rooster Height: […] No matter how many times you and your cobashers attack him, it still won't affect him. You know? This is just my opinion, but I really don't think there is enough evidence to really prove it was him. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. I don't care about the scandal because no one got a proof that it's actually him in the cctv and audio record. He already left his agency Huace last Feb.16.2019, Girl, your imagination is impossible! While some were surprised the 24-year-old actor turned out to be a player, fans defended him and said having sex is normal between consenting adults. Hu Yi Tian. There's a possibility that this girl was paid by rival agency, they hired someone that looks like Yi Tian for fake video and a Dubber for fake audio recording. [HIGHEST RANK: #1 in HuYiTian #1 in Jiangchen #1 Chinese Drama] We could see the chemistry between yitian and shen yue in BTS videos. He then silently filed the case to that girl.He was just framed by this girl and the rival agency of the other artist. March 23, 2019 12:47 PM. And I'm actually glad that HYT left his old agency because they didn't even try to do something about the scandal. And I thought his acting back in ALSB was just the perfect mix of *cold and awkward*. He work hard to support himself because he's an only son. He never hide his true color in private and public. Mainland Chinese actor Hu Yitian (胡一天) was caught in a sex scandal this week, when video surveillance clips showed him entering a Hengdian hotel room to have sex with a woman. And if there is anything that is possible that their idol might have done, they would deny it without a flinch. Yitian Hu, Actor: Go Go Squid!. You know? 3.3K likes. Es miembro de la agencia "Beijing Starlit Movie & TV Culture". As details of Yitian’s scandal emerged, his image is hitting rock-bottom. Also, his acting is bad and he's not that good looking. Find out which character you represent the most by taking the quiz! 2 likes. 3.3K likes. Because he doesn't trust the media, they will just change his statement to continue ruining his image. I watched the drama and tried to understand his hype but I really couldn't see it. He's not like those other actors that ignore and avoid their fans. Anything could have happened. The voice is very different, and the appearance of the guy in the video is very different. that she did not receive any money and also shares that she will no longer be using weibo. Song. She says that she didn’t realize how persistent people on the internet can be and she’s unable to prevent the aftermath. She let the media take things out of context and admits that he’s actually a good guy. This is the reason why it caused depression. I'm updated about Hu Yi Tian and f. Y. I he already cleared this issue to his fans, he didn' t do it in media. The person in the recording has a much lower voice for it to be Hu Yi Tian. JUST BECAUSE SOMEONE FRAMED THEM?

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